a Proactive Approach

At Adinba Bookkeeping, we reduce the chance of problems arising. We take a proactive approach to record keeping, preparation of relevant documents for record keeping and submission in a timely manner, plus ensure that your books are maintained in accordance with record keeping requirements.

We keep you up to date with your books and provide you with relevant information pertinent to your business to ensure that you able to focus on building your business without to worry about the preparation of figures for your reporting.





We offer various services which are packaged into different bundles for you to explore in our Pricing section. We try to offer a packaged fee so that you are aware of your monthly commitment and costs, and of course, we can also tailor plans and packages to suit your business and needs.

If you’ve dreamed of making your business extraordinary, our Proactive Approach will take you and your business there.

We believe in honouring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far. We will provide the most suited personnel to help you handle all your compliance requirements so that you can focus on growing and expanding your business into the future with success.




A profit and loss statement is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time, usually a financial quarter or year.



A balance sheet also known as the statement of financial position provides information about the assets, liabilities and equity of a business at a specific point in time. It is a snapshot of a business.

Free Business Listing

We offer our Adinba Business Directory to our clients at no additional cost. Adinba Business Directory is a comprehensive business directory complete with offers, events, ratings, reviews, and maps.


We Take Pride In Our Services